PCB Manufacturing

Rely on Surya Electronics to handle all aspects of your printed circuit board’s journey. Made in America with superior standards on cutting-edge manufacturing equipment designed specifically for PCB assembly, we specialize in high-quality, quick-turn assemblies and guarantee 99% on-time delivery. We cost-effectively produce your complex circuit boards at world-class speeds with pinpoint precision.

Product development support

Our high-tech engineering analysis provides not only a comprehensive analysis but recommendations for improvement, enhancing your board’s reliability and reducing manufacturing time.

PCB fabrication

SMT, through-hole, BGA, RoHS conversion, conformal coat. Whatever your PCB needs, our laser-fast PCB assembly process adds pinpoint precision to your boards.


PCB assembly

We are a flexible PCB manufacturer, offering a wide range of automated and manual PCBA production services customized to your needs. Our ISO 13485 certification means improved quality and service, and improved confidence in the PCBAs we provide.

Quick turn PCB prototyping

We specialize in quick-turn PCB prototypes. Whether turnkey or kitted, our fast PCB prototype cycle time and quality are unmatched. We get your product to OEM finished product faster.


PCBA testing

Our automated optical and x-ray inspection provide fully compliant, tested boards that meet your specifications and functional requirements. Our success rate is over 97%. Guaranteed.


We leverage our network and advanced technologies to minimize risk and maximize the integrity of your supply chain. We assemble, test, package and ship your product anywhere, at world class speeds with pinpoint precision.